Training (education)

Training (education)

Professional Diploma

  • 1999: University diploma of quadrilingual translator of the Institute of Foreign Languages (IPLV) in the Université Catholique de l’Ouest (Angers). Upper 2nd class Honours.
    Mandatory work placement of five months in a translation agency in Madrid.

State Diplomas

  • 2003: Master’s Degree in Language Sciences at the Université de Haute-Bretagne (Rennes 2): dissertation on translation in Breton and Gallo (see Works & publications). 1st class Honours.
  • 2002: Research degree in English at the Université d’Artois (Arras, north of France): linguistic and translation modules and dissertation on self-translation (see Works & publications). Upper 2nd class Honours.
  • 1998: Bachelor’s Degree in English at the IPLV (UCO – Angers). Upper 2nd class Honours.
    First semester in the University of Kingston-upon-Thames (near London).
  • 2006: Bachelor’s Degree in Breton at the Université de Haute-Bretagne (Rennes 2). Upper 2nd class Honours.

Additional Qualifications