Research, as everyone knows, is all about producing knowledge. Lost in a maze of multiple applications, we are not always aware of using results from basic research, be it in mathematics or in humanities. However… What would be encryption without mathematics? And would market studies and other polls which companies as well as communities rely upon exist without the social sciences?

Our research fields are sociolinguistics and “translation studies” (“translation science”, “translation theory”). Translation theory investigates the translation process.Translation affects all of us, in a way or another. From our current bedside reading to the instructions of any device, through all the news we receive from many countries, no doubt we use translations everyday. Translation is at the core of our information and exchange society.

For policy makers, corporate managers or elected representatives, translation can be really strategic… Research on translation is likely to help them make important choices by providing them with some knowledge about this complex process. They will then have better odds to get the product and quality they want.


Following the beginning of my thesis in 2009, my research projects are now organised around this ambitious task, since it deals with “the Ins and Outs of Translation in a Multilingual Europe”. The question of multilingualism scales will remain central, and regional languages will therefore constitue an entire part, running on from the Master’s degree passed in 2003.

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