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You’re no doubt curious about the name Tro ha Distro! Find out more…

Tro ha Distro is a translation services business that is suspended for three years and only bears today a research work, within the frame of a doctoral contract with the University of South Brittany (UBS – Lorient) on the question of “the Ins and Outs of Translation in a Multilingual Europe”.


21st July 2015: the last pending submitted paper has been accepted by the University of Portsmouth. After my first paper entirely in Catalan in Barcelona, I am going therefore to prepare my second one in English. It will be on next 14th November, in the conference titled Translation: border creation or border crossing?

4th July 2015: after being classified unanimously first in Paris VIII (Saint-Denis-Vincennes), I was recruited in the university of High Brittany – Rennes 2. I’ll take up my post there on next 15th September, then, as a lecturer in the Applied Languages department, and will take an active part in the training of translators, terminologists and technical writers. The present website will be revised soon according to this new change in my career and will offer all the relevant links to know more about my current position.

23rd April 2015: one of my paper proposals has been accepted. I’ll question in it the translation scientists’ role in explaining the value of translation. More information about this symposium of young researchers on the Barcelona Autonomous University‘s website. It will be a nice opportunity to begin transferring the results of my thesis in the country where I carried out the deepest field investigations.

24th February 2015: the article “De l’autotraduction à la traduction de soi : éléments de réflexion bretonne” has just been published in the online review Glottopol, number 25 of which is dedicated to auto-translation, the subject of my master’s dissertation.
You’ll find every detail and link in the usual card.

5th January 2015: the new year will still be too short to carry out all the projects I’d like! Several articles are yet to be published but they will not replace the publications that I’d like to draw out of my thesis in order to inform both scientists and the public at large of the results of my research. Teaching is another way to have them known which I enjoyed quite a lot in 2014 and this will continue in 2015 with the first training to Breton-French interpretation, or so I hope. May 2015 be a great year for you!

21st August 2014: publication in the Catalan Review of an article written in Catalan by Immaculada Fàbregas i Alegret and translated into English and improved by myself. Consult the Works & Publications page and the card of the article for more details.

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